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Privacy Policy

  1. This site requires that you provide your e-mail address for the purpose of obtaining video access code(s) that you have purchased. For purposes of providing you with your purchased information in the circumstance where you may have lost your video access code, this site will store this e-mail address in a secure, password protected database. Any personal information, including, but not limited to, your e-mail address, that you provide to this site WILL NOT be shared with/sold to any third party or individual for any reason other than subpoena by recognized local/federal authorities.
  2. The videos available on this website are only viewable for 72 hours after first use of the video access code ON THE SAME SYSTEM they were originally watched on. For this reason a cookie from this site containing a unique identifier is saved on your system to authorize your system to view videos in which the video access code was used more than once. The IP address of your computer system or your internet gateway is also collected to be used for authorization purposes in the event that cookies are not enabled on your system. The IP address and cookie are used for means of authorization only and will not contain nor be used to collect other personal information. Neither the IP address, cookie, nor the data contained therein, if any, will be sold/provided to any third party for any reason other than subpoena by recognized local/federal authorities.
  3. This site DOES NOT collect credit card information, nor is it transmitted from - our authorized retailer - to this site. We encourage our users to look at the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use if they have any questions or concerns about online shopping security. No information supplied by you to will be shared, sold, reused in lists, or be used for any other purpose than to complete a transaction or address a customer service concern and is subject to the Privacy Policy. The information this site receives regarding your purchase will remain confidential and securely stored on this site's webmail server.